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Team Axe Throwing League
9/14/2021 to 11/16/2021

Ready to start the competition?

  • Teams of 4

  • 10 weeks on Tuesday nights 7-9pm

  • $80 Registration Fee Per Team

  • $16 Weekly fee per person

  • 10 Teams Max

  • Cash Prizes for the top 3 Teams

How does it work?

image_50390273 (1).JPG

4 Person teams (subs allowed) will play vs. one other team each week in 3 different match types (shootout, 51 countdown and cricket).


There are 9 weeks of play followed by one week of championship competition. Week 10 will feature an elimination tournament of the top 4 teams and all other teams will play in the consolation tournament.  


How do I Register?

Click the Register Now Link and choose one of the available slots.


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