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Escape Rooms

After you've done some Axe Throwing, now come experience one of our Escape Rooms!


Being an agent for an organization known for its secrecy, it’s odd to still be surprised by CIA intelligence but here we are. Hand-picked, top of your class, best of the best of the best… Your just what they need and the stakes have never been higher…


Jack's Cabin

As a rookie detective, you never get the good cases. You are thrilled when your captain asks you to follow up on a lead in an almost cold serial killer case. It seems someone has been seen coming and going from an abandoned cabin and hikers have reported strange noises coming from within. You desperately want to be the one to break the case and show your captain what you can do. Your enthusiasm gets the best of you and you head to the cabin with no warrant and no weapon…..hopefully you’ve brought your courage….. Will you find the killer’s identity before he finds you?



The life of a notorious art thief has been exciting, but you are ready to retire. One day, you receive an e-mail from one of your informants with details of a heist too good to pass up. Jill Barco, a world famous art curator, has just purchased a rare and valuable collection and is rumored to be keeping it in her personal museum. Your informant promises to split the profits from the sale of the most valuable piece in the collection if you can locate and remove it. Your informant has gotten you in but you’ve got just 60 minutes before the security system is re-enabled…… Will you succeed before time runs out?

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